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Our Storyrecology employee and compost pile

RecologyTM Organics  is a direct source of compost and landscape products for agricultural and landscaping use in California and Oregon. We specialize in nutrient-rich soil amendments created from diverse feedstock as well as custom blends made to meet grower's individual needs. Recology Organics also provides consultation services to customers who wish to optimize their soil amendment blend with minerals and other supplements to meet their dynamic cultivating needs. Browse our site and contact us to obtain more information about the products and consulting services we provide. 

Recology Organics is a division of Recology, a company that is proud to be 100% employee-owned.



Recology manages municipal disposal processes and services that span the needs of urban, suburban and rural communities. Our services include urban cleaning services, collection, sorting, transfer, recovery and landfill management.

Our name, Recology, reflects our unique success record in driving resource recovery to unparalleled levels through recycling and composting.

Recology companies operate in California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington coordinating dozens of recycling programs to recover a variety of materials.  Recology programs have been replicated throughout the country and serve as a national model for resource recovery initiatives.  We are:

  • The largest employee-owned company in the resource recovery industry, partnered with over 113 communities;
  • Parent to over 40 subsidiaries that provides integrated services to over 670,000 residential and 95,000 commercial customers in California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington; and
  • Recognized as the industry leader in resource recovery, having established the first and largest curbside yard trimmings and food scraps collection program in the country.

WASTE ZERO is our rallying cry to make the best and highest use of all resources that are manufactured, consumed, discarded and re-manufactured. It means using resources wisely, generating waste only as necessary, and finding ways to use waste products in ways that benefit the environment. It means landfilling only those materials we haven't yet figured out a use for.  Our achievements are driven by our awareness of the impact on our children, the communities we serve and the planet we all share. It's a commitment and we hope you join us in our efforts.


Employee Ownership

As owners of the company, we all strive to deliver the highest quality of customer service; constantly enhance environmental protection through the application of stringent standards; and to embody professionalism in all our undertakings.


Proud to be a 100% employee-owned company.

Recology is 100 percent owned by the Recology Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and not by any outside investors.

Founded in 1986, the Recology ESOP is intended to fuel our drive toward excellent service, customer satisfaction, efficiency and innovation.  It is a major reason why Recology is consistently able to attract and retain the industry's best people at every level of the company. 

In 1986, Recology employees bought the corporation through an ESOP--a plan that provides retirement benefits to our employees based on the success of our company.  An ESOP is not an option to purchase stock at a discount.  If employees meet the eligibility requirements of the ESOP, they begin to earn shares of stock.

Recology is the largest employee-owned company in the industry and has been honored multiple times by the national Employee Stock Ownership Plan Association for the quality of its ownership program and its positive impact on corporate performance.

The Recology ESOP makes it easy for Recology to focus on providing long-term, sustainable solutions to our customers. It strengthens teamwork and collaboration by tying employees' performance to the overall success of the company.

As the largest employee-owned company in our industry, we believe that our individual and collective hard work and dedication directly correlates to our long term success.



Awards and Recognitions

The direct relationship between work and ownership is infused in our culture and fuels our strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Recology employee owners strive to deliver the highest quality of customer service; to constantly enhance environmental protection through the application of stringent standards; and to emphasize professionalism in all undertakings.

Recology is proud of our many awards and recognitions for the work we do every day.




Community Involvement

Here at Recology Organics, we strive to serve our community through good business practices, genuine concern for the environment, and unparalleled customer service. However, as employee owners, we aim to serve the communities in which we work and live in other ways too. We believe in giving back to our communities by volunteering, hosting compost giveaway events, and growing food for those who face hunger in our community gardens.

A recology employee applies compost to a public flower garden at a company volunteer event
A Recology employee applies Recology Premium Compost to rose gardens at a company volunteer event to fix up San Francisco's Golden Gate Park in 2011.




two ladies carry away a bin of free compost from one of Recology's free compost giveaways



San Francisco residents Mary Catherine O'Conner, left, and Cameron Cox, right, carry a container filled with  free Recology compost to their vehicle. Recology hosts numerous compost giveaways in San Francisco.



 sunflower seeds along with a variety of other homegrown produce are collect in the Recology community gardens at each CA organics facility

Community Gardens are maintained by Recology employees using our own compost and landscaping products at each of our CA and OR organics facilities. All food that is grown is donated to local food banks to help fight hunger in our communities.