Stunning White Coffin Meaning & White Casket Meaning

A White Coffin for an eco-friendly funeral

White Coffins do you love them or hate them? One thing is clear: Whatever the white coffin meaning, you can turn traditional & eco-friendly funerals into something unique with white coffins and caskets.

White Coffins White Caskets Meaning

Do white coffins have a special meaning? Should you use them for children or can anyone have a white coffin for a funeral and is there a difference between a white coffin and a white casket?

These are just a few questions that people ask about white coffins and caskets. For years the funeral industry has been very secretive and until recently talking about death in the UK was taboo so it’s not surprising that there is still a lot of confusion surrounding white coffins and caskets 

In this blog post, we will answer those questions. By the end of it you will have a clearer idea about white coffins/caskets meaning. This will help you to decide if a white casket is the right choice for your funeral or the funeral of someone you love.

Handcrafted white willow coffin

White Willow Coffin made the traditional way.

New Thinking On White Coffins

As funerals, burials and cremations change, so do our thoughts about coffins. Today, many people are opting for white coffins and turning their backs on the traditional dark wood coffins and caskets of the past. 

People are choosing coffins that celebrate the life of the person who has died and respecting their last wishes by choosing a coffin or casket that not only looks good but also reflects the personality of the person who has died. Which is why a white coffin is an increasingly popular choice for funerals. 

White coffins and white caskets are being selected for both burials and cremations and depending on the type of coffin you can use them for 

  • Traditional burials
  • Woodland/ natural burials
  • Cremations

A white Steel casket with gold trim

The Spiritual Meaning of White Coffins 

The colour white spiritual meaning is light & purity and it is strongly linked to God. Think of pictures of God and his long white beard and white robes. Then think of angels with a white halo, white wings  and white gowns. This is why so many cultures have a very positive link to white. 

On a psychological note white makes us think of cleanliness, rebirth and fresh beginnings as it symbolises innocence and purity. This is one reason why children are often buried in white coffins.

White coffin for a child

Why Do People Select White Coffins & Caskets

People select white caskets for a variety of reasons. White is a colour associated with funerals in different parts of the world such as in Sri Lanka, and many people feel that this is the most appropriate colour to choose when selecting a casket or coffin. 

A white casket can be both elegant and timeless, as well as fitting in with any funeral style. White caskets also offer a wide range of finishes, from matte to glossy, ensuring that the casket will fit the desired look of any funeral service. 

The interior of white caskets that are not environmentally friendly such as those made from metal or fibreglass are often lined with luxurious fabrics in colours such as cream and beige, creating an atmosphere of serenity and peace. Whilst environmentally friendly coffins used for the natural funeral or for alternative burial options have a simple environmentally friendly liner such as cotton. 

White coffins and caskets can provide an elegant finish to any funeral ceremony, making them the first choice for many families.


What Aspects To Consider When Choosing A White Casket Or Coffin

When it comes to choosing a white casket or coffin for a funeral, there are many aspects to consider. 

First, you will need to decide on the material used for the casket or coffin. 

Common materials include wood, metal, and now biodegradable options such as willow or cardboard. 


White Coffin Meaning

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Eco-friendly white cardboard coffin

Next, you will want to look at the interior of the casket or coffin. 

Some come with soft velvet linings while others come with more basic interiors. You will need to decide based on the type of burial. 

Some linings are not suitable for natural funerals where the burial will be in nature reserves, natural woodland or meadows. Environmentally friendly funerals have strict regulations about coffins and caskets and their linings so you will have to check with the managers to make sure that everything is perfect and acceptable.

Wicker Funeral Caskets: Seagrass Coffins The Natural Alternative To Willow

Lastly, you will want to choose a style that is both elegant and high quality. There are many different white casket and coffin options available in various styles from traditional to contemporary designs. 

By carefully considering each of these aspects when selecting your white casket or coffin, you can ensure that it reflects the beauty and dignity of your loved one’s final farewell at their funeral service.

White Willow Coffins

White willow coffins are the perfect choice for those seeking a traditional and suitable coffin for their loved one. 

These oval-shaped coffins are expertly woven with the highest quality white willow, meaning they have been certified to be appropriate for both cremation and burial services. The craftsmanship of these white willow coffins is of the highest standard, ensuring that they last through every step of the process and provide a dignified resting place. 

The natural colour of these coffins also adds to their beauty and elegance, adding a touch of class to any service. They are truly a fitting tribute to those who have passed away, ensuring that they receive the respect they deserve. 

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Last Thoughts About White Coffin Meanings

Some people choose a white coffin because it allows them to express their individuality and personal style. Others may choose one for religious reasons, as white is often associated with peace and rebirth in many faith traditions. 

White coffin meanings very from country to country and from religion to religion.

White coffins/caskets mean:

  • purity
  • innocence
  • simplicity

Whatever the reason for choosing a white coffin, it’s important to remember that the final decision should be based on what feels right for you or the family and loved ones of the person who has died. At the end of the day when all things are considered the white coffin meaning is simply about love and expressing that love.

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White Coffin Meaning

Budget friendly and Eco Friendly White Cardboard Coffin meaning Simplicity


Stunning White Wicker Coffin Meaning Purity

A hand-crafted White Wicker Coffin made from sustainable willow.

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infant willow coffin for natural burial

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