About Wicker Coffins & Caskets For Natures Needs

Do I choose a wicker coffin or casket for a natural funeral? Or should I choose an alternative burial option? Planning a funeral is never easy. There are so many things to consider.

I started to plan my own last goodbye after witnessing the stress my friend went through trying to plan a funeral for her husband. I realised even when death is planned for, it can be a challenge to deal with.

There are so many things to consider!

Some Problems You Might Face

  • What type of coffin? Wicker coffin vs wicker casket
  • Traditional funeral, natural funeral or alternative burial options?
  • How much does it cost? Are Willow or wicker coffins affordable?

When we are grieving it’s hard to focus on arrangements, which is why so many of us rely on funeral directors to organise things for us. This means that the last goodbye doesn’t always truly represent us as a person or reflect a life well-lived.

It gets even harder when you have a budget to stick to. Not everyone can afford an expensive coffin or buy a burial plot (if one is available). Which is one reason why natural burials, wicker coffins & wicker caskets are becoming so popular.

Review: Natural Funerals with Wicker Caskets

Funerals Are Changing

The good news is when it comes to celebrating your life or the life of a loved one things are really changing.

There are now many alternative burial options. Funerals can be unique, beautiful and non traditional. You no longer have to choose a dull, dark, coffin or opt for a traditional burial or cremation. There’s now a lot more information available to help you can plan for a magnificent last goodbye. Today, everyone can have a good funeral.

You can choose environmentally friendly wicker coffins for a natural burial which makes perfect sense when you have been recycling all of your life. Or you can choose other alternative burial options. You can even have your ashes made into a vinyl record! 

8 Alternative Burial Options For Unique Funerals

In this blog I will help you to navigate the difficult waters so you can plan a last goodbye that truly celebrates your life or that of a loved one.

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