Willow Pod coffins: Eco coffins with a difference!

Eco-friendly willow pod coffins

What are Willow Pod Coffins?

Willow pod coffins have a unique shape. They are different to traditional coffins and standard willow coffins.

Willow pod coffins have a highly sculpted curved lid which gives the appearance of a space pod or if you love nature a pea pod or peanut pod. Many people find willow pod coffins to be attractive and unique and quite distinct from other willow coffins.

The domed lid that gives willow pod coffins that unique curved appearance is woven onto a self-supporting frame, which helps to maintain strength.

You may also see willow pod coffins advertised as wicker coffins. don’t get confused by this.

“Wicker coffins” is a term that actually refers to the weaving of the natural willow. Wicker coffins also include other environmentally friendly coffins that are made from seagrass and bamboo. When a wicker coffin is made from sustainable resources then it is truly an environmentally friendly coffin.

Willow Pod Coffin Light

White Willow Pod Coffin £649.99 from ThinkWillow.com


Willow Pod Coffin Design

Willow pod coffins come in two designs. Willow pod light which is the very light natural colour and then the darker browner willow pods.

If you buy your coffin direct from a craftsman or co-operative of cottage industries you can request a custom built willow pod coffin and you can request a coloured coffin.


Are Willow Pod Coffins Suitable for Burial or Cremation?

Willow pod coffins are environmentally friendly coffins. This means that they are suitable for both burial or cremation. However, there is one word of caution. If you are thinking of a natural burial then it is important to know that the coffin liner and any items placed inside the coffin must also be natural and biodegradable. This includes the clothing worn by the deceased.

Are Willow Pod Coffins Strong?

Willow coffins are handcrafted and have exceptional strength, they are tested to high standards in the UK, so there is no need to worry about them breaking.

It’s important to bear in mind that depending on where they are made not all Willow pod coffins may have handles.

This is not unusual, as there are many traditional coffins and wicker coffins that do not have handles. Sometimes they have handles but they are more for design and not suitable for carrying heavy weights.

Generally, if you have arranged a funeral with a funeral director they are able to deal with this and will provide straps or a trolley.

If you are arranging the funeral yourself or are considering a natural burial in a woodland area, you may want to check transportation arrangements and arrange for straps to be available.

hand crafted willow pod coffin

Handcrafted Willow Pod coffin £599.99 from ThinkWillow.com

Are Willow Pod Coffins Eco Coffins?

Yes, willow pod coffins are eco coffins.

Willow pod coffins are eco friendly because willow is a natural material and so it is biodegradable. It breaks down without damaging the earth this makes them environmentally friendly coffins. Willow pod coffins made from English willow have the added benefit of being handcrafted from sustainable willow using traditional weaving techniques.

What is Sustainable Willow?

Sustainable willow is produced in a Uk owned cottage industry where the willow is looked after and cultivated by craftsmen. It is carefully managed, highly renewable resource. Willows take root very readily from cuttings and so it is easy to cultivate them and renew supplies.

How Much do Willow Pod Coffins Cost?

Willow pod coffins are reasonably priced for eco friendly coffins. They are not the cheapest biodegradable coffin on the market, which is a cardboard coffin but they are certainly cheaper than hardwood coffins.

Coffin prices

Cardboard coffins start from £175

Willow pod coffins start from £495

Hardwood coffins start from around £2000

Where Can I Buy a Willow Pod coffin?

Willow pod coffins can be purchased online and from a few funeral directors.  You can buy a willow pod coffin online and have it delivered to the funeral directors. This is perfectly legal and the funeral director cannot refuse you this right.

Buying Willow Coffins Online

It’s important to understand that when you buy online there may be additional costs. Some sites may charge you for delivery or may advertise a low price that relates to the small size coffin.

Sites like ThinkWillow.com offer free delivery and also include a returns policy