A Guide to Wicker Coffins & Caskets

Wicker casket

Wicker Coffins & Wicker Caskets

Funerals are changing, wicker coffins & caskets are becoming more popular. Wicker coffins have been chosen by royalty as well as celebrities who are seeking to move away from traditional burials. Many people want a wicker coffin because they are a unique and stylish way to say farewell and also because wicker coffins are environmentally friendly.

When you have spent your life recycling and trying to do your best to help the planet it seems only natural that your last farewell should be in line with your values.

Even though wicker coffins and caskets  have a long history many people don’t know about it so naturally they have many questions. In this blog post we will look at some of the most commonly asked questions about wicker coffins and caskets.

What are wicker caskets used for? 

Wicker caskets can be used for human and pet burials and cremations. Wicker caskets can be used for adults or children.

Wicker caskets can be used for:

  • Traditional funerals
  • Simple funerals
  • Traditional cremations
  • Natural funerals

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A Wicker Coffin Be Used For Burial?

Yes, a wicker coffin can be used for burial. A wicker coffin is suitable for burial in a traditional graveyard or in a natural burial spot such as a woodland burial or Eco burial. Natural funerals with wicker coffins are becoming very popular and the number of  beautiful sites for natural funerals is growing yearly.

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natural funeral burial ground

How Long Does A Wicker Coffin Last?

A wicker coffin lasts for many years. A wicker coffin or casket is very durable however, like all coffins it will decompose. How quickly it decomposes will depend on the type of soil it is buried in. For example in Finland they have very acidic soil so everything decomposes very quickly. As a general guide most coffins will last for 10 years plus.

Are Wicker Coffins Strong?

Yes, Wicker coffins are strong. When something is woven it binds the material together to give added strength. Wicker coffins produced in countries like the UK, USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia are often certified and tested by Funeral furnishing associations for example some British Willow coffins easily carry up to to 191kg (30 stone) and with extra reinforcement they can be customised to carry heavier weights.

Can Wicker Coffins Be Carried?

Certainly! Wicker coffins can be carried and handled easily. In the past wicker coffins then known as baskets  (oblong, and with a lid and handles) were often used on a “First Call” – where undertakers arrive to collect the body and take them to the funeral home. Wicker was used because it was easy to clean, dried quickly and could carry heavy weights. 

How Much Are Wicker Coffins?

Many people ask how much are wicker coffins? The truth is wicker coffins vary in price. If you shop around you can get wicker coffins on sale for £300 in the UK. Normal price starts at around £800. 

Are Wicker Coffins Cheaper Than Wood?

Wicker coffins can be cheaper than wood coffins. It really depends on the type of wood you choose and how thick the wood is. Hardwoods like Mahogany and Oak are a lot more expensive than wicker coffins. Sale prices start from £800 for solid hardwood coffins. 

Veneered coffins, which is when a thin layer of the wood is glued to a cheaper chipboard to give the appearance of solid wood, start at just over £200 in the sale. 

How Are Wicker Coffins Sealed?

Wicker coffins are not sealed in the same way that some coffins are sealed in the USA. Wicker coffins are intended to be biodegradable and environmentally friendly. A major benefit is they aid decomposition of the body. 

In the US a rubber seal is used to make the coffin watertight. It also makes them more expensive. Sealing is only needed if the body is going to be transported by air, normally it would have to be a metal coffin and not wood. 

Often seals are only added to make coffins watertight. If coffins are made airtight there is a danger that the natural gases released from a body build up and cause the coffin to explode.

Are Wicker Coffins Lined?

Yes, wicker coffins are lined. Often a very simple liner is used made from natural materials that are biodegradable.

Can Wicker Coffins Be Carried?

Certainly! Wicker coffins can be carried and handled easily. In the past wicker coffins then known as baskets  (oblong, and with a lid and handles) were often used on a “First Call” – where undertakers arrive to collect the body and take them to the funeral home. Wicker was used because it was easy to clean, dried quickly and could carry heavy weights. 

What Colour Do Wicker Coffins Come In?

Wicker coffins come in a rainbow of colours. Wicker colours can be natural in colour or you can customise them and have them dyed in a colour of your choice. 

Popular colours are:

  • White 
  • Pink
  • Rainbow coffins that use all the colours of the rainbow are also very popular

White Wicker Coffins

While the traditional burial in a dark wood coffin is still quite popular, more and more people are opting for white wicker coffins for funerals. There are a number of reasons for this trend. First, white wicker coffins are much lighter than wood, making them easier to transport. Second, they are often less expensive than wood coffins. Finally, many people find the lightness and airiness of wicker to be more comforting than the heaviness of wood.

Whether you are planning your own funeral or helping to arrange one for a loved one, a white wicker coffin can be a beautiful and fitting choice. 

Pink Wicker Coffins

A pink wicker coffin is a unique and beautiful option for a funeral. The soft, feminine colour of the wicker seamlessly blends with the natural beauty of flowers, creating a peaceful and serene setting. Pink is also a symbol of hope and new beginnings, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to honour their loved one’s life. Whether you choose burial or cremation a pink wicker coffin is a beautiful and fitting tribute.

Rainbow coffin

Rainbow Wicker Coffins

Rainbow wicker coffins are a popular choice for final farewells for a number of reasons. For one, rainbow wicker coffins are highly personalised. You can choose the colours of the rainbow that you want to be represented in your coffin, which is perfect if you are choosing a coffin for a child. 

You can even add personal touches like family photos or meaningful quotes or poems. Whatever you need to make it special. 

When it comes to celebrating the life of a loved one who was part of the LGBTQ community, a rainbow wicker coffin is the perfect final farewell. These coffins are bright and colourful, symbolising the joy and love that defined you or your loved one’s life. They are also sturdy and durable, ensuring that you or your loved one will be well-protected in the afterlife. 

Rainbow wicker coffins are a beautiful way to honour a life well-lived, and they will help ensure that you or your loved one’s memory lives on for generations to come.


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A wicker coffin is a beautiful and natural way  to say goodbye. Wicker is an organic material made from interwoven plant fibres, and thus it is completely biodegradable. Wicker coffins are also environmentally friendly, as they do not require the use of toxic chemicals or finishes. While they may not be right for everyone, wicker coffins offer a unique and beautiful way to celebrate a life well lived.